Postgender Euphoria is an ongoing social practice art series that invites participants to imagine a post-gender future.
Check back for future events or contact CII to inquire about presenting this series.

Previously on view at: Center for Visual Art June 17th through August 13th, 2022
Past Events: Zine-making workshop at Center for Visual Art on July 9th at 2:00 p.m.


To be a beacon for creative vitality through education, coaching, and curation of the visual arts.


A sustainable arts ecosystem with equitable access in a world of widespread creativity.




Teague Steph McDaniel
Founder & Curator
pronouns: they | them | their
Hi! I am the founder and curator at Creative Integration Initiative (CII). My inspiration for CII was born out of my personal commitment to increasing the sustainability of the arts ecosystem in my hometown of Denver, Colorado and more recently Boulder, Colorado. At CII we promote sustainability in the arts through ongoing research, business development support, and investment in the creative community. My vision for the world I leave behind for my children someday is a world that is creative, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and environmentally sound. CII is an avenue for doing this work.


Creative entreprenuership coaching, fine art curation, workshops, and lecturing


By utilizing a creativity centered approach to coaching, your business will be positioned to thrive. This process is both individualized and collaborative.


Available upon appointment


3327 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216
Collective Nouns. Group show from the Postgender Euphoria Series by CII founder, Teague McDaniel. Center for Visual Art, 2022. CII artist presented

Semantic Shifts. Solo show with work by Trevor Seymour. Hosted by Odessa Nomadic at Collective SMLK, 2018. Curated by CII

Untitled. Solo show with work by Maddison Graybill. JuiceBox, 2018. Curated by CII

Analogue Impressions: Analyzing the Printmaking Process. 965 Gallery, 2017. Curated by CII

Resound: Reverberation Between Artist and Place. 965 Gallery, 2017. Curated by CII


Ongoing: Art Section of Out Front Magazine, September, 2022 - current

Meditations on Artist Advocacy, Semantic Shifts & DIY, originally publised on Odessa Nomadic’s blog (interviewee). Written by Dani Cunningham

Measuring Art Markets

Joel Swanson on Conjugation of Being

Illusive Facade. An interview with Laura Shill. Originally produced for Black Cube’s blog

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